Standard Delivery Service

S.F. Express has now launched room temperature package delivery services throughout Taiwan, in order to better meet diverse customer demands. We deliver your packages punctually and safely, serving as your best partner in both work and life.

Service Features

  1. Best receiving dimensions in the industry.
  2. Diverse value-added services.
  3. Deliveries throughout Taiwan Monday to Saturday.

 4. S.F. Express offers the best delivery fees within size and weight restrictions.

Domestic delivery Service

Service scope: Taiwan Island, including off-island regions (Kinmen, Matsu, Penghu, Green Island, Orchid Island, Lamay Island).


  1. Only delivery is available for off-island regions. Delivery dimension shall not exceed 150cm (L+W+H) and below (including) 20kg.
  2. Our Kinmen service scope consists of Great Kinmen and Lesser Kinmen (Lieyu Township).
  3. Our Matsu service scope consists of Nangan Township, Beigan Township, Juguang Township, and Dongyin Township.
  4. Our Penghu service scope consists of Magong City, Wangan Township, Qimei Township, Huxi Township, Baisha Township, and Xiyu Township.

 5. For details regarding delivery service scopes, please contact our customer
    service hotline at 0800-088-830.

Service schedule: Next day delivery upon receipt for deliveries within Taiwan Island. Additional 3 to 4 business days are required for deliveries to remote regions or off-island regions.

*The time schedule above may be delayed due to natural disasters and other elements of force majeure.

 Fee Basis:

Service Package Dimensions = L+W+H(cm)
Dimension Specifications (cm) Less than 80 Less than 80 81 to 110 111 to 140 141 to 170
Weight (kg) Below (including) 1kg Above 1kg, below (including) 20kg Below (including) 20kg
Room temperature domestic delivery fee (NTD) 80 100 150 190 230

Size restrictions: L+W+H must not exceed 170cm, a single dimension must not exceed 150cm.

Please refer to the Shipment Waybill Contract Terms of Domestic Delivery

Please contact S.F. Express’ customer service hotline, 0800-088-830, for bulk discount pricing.

S.F. Express Domestic delivery Additional Services and Fees

Off-Island Delivery Services

Send packages to Kinmen, Matsu, Penghu, Green Island, Orchid Island, and even Lamay Island. An additional charge of NT$150 per transaction will be charged for off-island deliveries, which arrive 4 business days after intake. Delivery dimensions shall not exceed 150cm (L+W+H) and below (including) 20kg.

Cash on delivery Service

Our cash on delivery service allows collection of up to NT$50,000 per transaction for home deliveries, collection of up to NT$20,000 for convenience store pickup services, with the lowest service charge in the industry starting at NT$25 per transaction.

Shipment Protection Service

The cost to protect each shipment transaction with a value less than NT$6,000 is NT$10. For shipment transactions of values higher than NT$6,000, the cost to protect is 0.5% of the declared value (to a minimum of NT$40). Protection provides full coverage, with the lowest costs in the industry.

Delivery Paper Boxes

Purchase boxes for Taiwan home deliveries for use with both home deliveries in Taiwan and cross-border express.

Reminder: Cross-border boxes cannot be used for domestic delivery services in Taiwan.

Three Thoughtful, Convenient Services

1. 24 Convenience store pickup service (launch link directly)

  1. 24 Convenience Store Self Drop-off Service-Domestic Delivery(launch link directly)
  2. Pickup reservation: Free reservation for home package pickup (launch link directly)