Plambox Service

Taiwan S.F. Express is the logistical delivery partner for “Palmbox”, providing you with a brand-new experience for fast and convenient delivery! The creative self-service shipping mode and pick-up allow you to easily choose a Palmbox location for shipping and pick-up. You can keep abreast of your shipment status anytime through a convenient tool for looking up the shipment!



1.Flexible time to send or pickup packages

2.Extensive service points


Service Description

1.Door to Palmbox

*The order can be submitted to S.F. Express through the customer service hotline:0800-088-830, Taiwan S.F. Express Website, S.F. Express APP - FLEXISHIP, WeChat – SF_Express-Taiwan

*Please provide the receiver’s cellphone number for the pickup code


2.Palmbox to Door

 3.Forward to Palmbox from Door



Limitation of size and Charge 

Palmbox Type Large Medium Small

Size Range &

Specification (cm)(length*width*depth)

31*34*41 20*34*41 9*34*41
Reminder: Please pay attention to the height of the package
Weight (KG) Weight limitation is 20kg. Please note that the package might be returned to the sender if it’s overweight.
Fee (NTD) $150 $100 $80
Payment Door to Palmbox: Paid-by-shipper or paid by the third partyPalmbox to Door/Palmbox to Palmbox: The supportive payment method of Palmbox: (LINE Pay, Easy Card, and credit card)


Palmbox locations and Delivery coverage

Palmbox is mainly located in Hi-life convenience stores, Simple Marts, and other public facilities such as the Kaohsiung Metro. Palmbox continues to work on further expansion to serve a wide range of customers. Please download the Palmbox App or visit the Palmbox Website for more information ( 


Door to Palmbox Delivery Coverage: All over Taiwan, except remote areas and outlying island, as announced by Taiwan S.F. Express

Palmbox to Door Delivery Coverage: All over Taiwan, including remote areas and outlying island, as announced by Taiwan S.F. Express. We will charge an additional NT$150 for each package where the receiver’s address is on an outlying island. The carrier will confirm the surcharge with the receiver before delivering the package.



Q1. How do I start a Smart Palmbox Service?

    Please look up the service points on the Palmbox Website. According to different shipping or pick-up requirements, including Door to Palmbox, Palmbox to Door, or Forwarding Palmbox from Door, Taiwan S.F. Express will provide a variety of services with our excellent logistic delivery combined with Palmbox.


Q2. I am interested in Palmbox Service. What are its service features and uses?

    Door to Palmbox: Pick up your package at a Palmbox in a convenient way! For example, a package will be delivered to a Palmbox after an on-line seller request, then the consumer goes to the Palmbox for pick-up. It is suitable for small e-commerce businesses or those who usually shop online.

    Palmbox to Door: Flexible time to send your package, especially for small amount of packages. For example, a designer who has been working on handmade products until midnight, or you’d like to send a dietary supplement for your family but cannot meet the service hours all the time. Try Palmbox to Door service!

    Forwarding Palmbox from Door: With flexible time for pick up, a nearby Palmbox is your best partner. For example, not at home? S.F. Express will forward your package to a Palmbox nearby. You can pick up your package in your free time.


Q3. When should I pick up after the package arrives at the Palmbox?

    Please pick up your package from the Palmbox within 72 hours after receiving the message. The carrier will return the package to the sender if the package has not been picked up on time, and the receiver will get a message with an overdue pick-up from Palmbox at the same time.


Q4. Are there any packaging guidelines?

    Door to Palmbox: A carton is recommended or packing materials, such as reinforced wrapping. 

    Palmbox to Door: Please refer to the Palmbox regulations and make sure to wrap the package completely with a carton. Do not consolidate packages or use a plastic parcel bag or paper bag.


Q5. How should I fill out the shipping address when submitting my order by Door to Palmbox?

    If you use the S.F. Express APP - FLEXISHIP or WeChat – SF_Express-Taiwan, simply select “Submit Order” after filling out the various columns. We will contact you for further confirmation on the Palmbox location for your delivery.

    If you use a paper waybill, please note the address of the Palmbox location and Palmbox, and the carrier will provide a more accurate and rapid service for you.

    For example, if you would like to have your package delivered to Hi-Life Minquan Second Store, please fill out No.32, Sec. 5, Minquan E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City for Palmbox on the shipping address.


Q6. How do I track my packages?

    Door to Palmbox: You can look up your package using the current package tracking system of S.F. Express.

    (Taiwan S.F. Express Website:, S.F. Express APP - FLEXISHIP, and WeChat – SF_Express-Taiwan)

    Palmbox to Door: Please look up your package by downloading the Palmbox App.


Q7. When I use the service of Forwarding Palmbox from Door, is it possible to assign a Palmbox location which is different from the carrier’s suggestion?

    Yes. As long as the package has not been put into the Palmbox, you can have your package forwarded to any Palmbox location which is not in a remote area listed by Taiwan S.F Express. (Reminder: The arrival date will be postponed one working day if using this service.)

     For example, the original shipping address is near Chongxin Rd., Sanchong District, New Taipei City, and the carrier recommends your package be forwarded to a nearby Hi-Life Sanchong Store. If you want your package to be forwarded to the Hi-Life Baode Store located on Nanjing East Rd., Taipei City, please inform the carrier of your requirement.