Hong Kong Residential Surcharge

In order to improve operation efficiency for service enhancement, HKD20 Non-Industrial / Commercial Surcharge is applied for any shipment picks up from or delivers to Residential address in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong

Applicable to

Residential Surcharge will be applied on shipments sent from and delivered to addresses for Residential purposes. Residential Property within remote area is subject to HKD20 Remote Area Surcharge only.

Charging Standard

HKD20 is applied on pickup or delivery at Residential address. Payments in other currencies are based on HKD20 and are calculated according to the exchange rate of that month. 

Payment Method

By shippers or receivers

Summary of Hong Kong Pickup or Delivery Surcharge:

Method of Collection Location Surcharge / per shipment (HKD)
Self-pickup / Self-drop off S.F. Store /S.F. Service Center Wavier of Residential or Remote Area Surcharge
S.F. Express Authorized Service Points HKD10
Door-to-door delivery / pickup Industrial / commercial address Wavier of Residential or Remote Area Surcharge
Residential address HKD20
Remote Area HKD30



  1. Residential Property refers to location for residential purposes.
  2. Residential Property within remote area is subject to HKD30 Remote Area Surcharge only.
  3. Shipments collected from or delivered to the above locations may require an additional business day.
  4. S.F. Express reserves the final right to define the locations where the above surcharges apply.


*Effective from the current date until December 31,2017,the customers who pickup packages at the service point will be exempted from paying the $10 HKD or $10 MOP of the service charge.