Shipment Protection Plus Service (SPP)

Taiwan S.F. Express cordially launches shipment protection plus service; provide you a choice of stronger protection for your shipment.


Shipment Protection Plus Service (SPP) Details

Declared Value

Payment Method

SPP Charge

No weight limitations

NTD6,000 or below

Paid by shipper

NTD 10


Paid by Receiver



Declared Value

Per KG

Payment Method

SPP Charge Rate

SPP Charge

(minimum service charge)

NTD6,000 or above

Paid by shipper


NTD 40


Shipment Protection Plus Goods:

All commodities that are legal under the laws and regulations of the Taiwan Government, target States and related rules of international air transportation may use Taiwan S.F. Express’s SPP service, unless they are commodities that Taiwan S.F. Express would not accept. *Please see details of “Prohibited Items” or “Import/Export Regulations” on Taiwan S.F. Express’s website.


In the event that the deposited commodity exceeds or equal to $50,000 NTD per kilogram, sender shall purchase SPP service.


Other related matters of international express delivery shall be conducted in accordance to related rules of international air transportation.


Compensatory rules of SPP Service:

A sender shall declare the price of commodity in accordance to the real market value when shipping and the declaration shall be used as the price of SPP service. However, if the declared price is higher than market value, calculation of the price of SPP service shall be based on the market value.


Taiwan S.F. Express shall compensate all or partial lost, stolen, or damage to deposited commodity during the shipment protection period; Taiwan S.F. Express shall compensate in accordance to the portion of price of SPP service and the damage. In the event that both parties agree otherwise of the compensatory standard in writing, the writing controls the compensatory standard.


Period of SPP Service:

A sender shall not cancel or terminate the SPP service for any reason after the sender chooses Taiwan S.F. Express’s SPP service and delivers the deposited commodity to Taiwan S.F. Express’s carrier. The liability of protection ends after the deposited commodity delivered to the target location and a receiver.


Calculation of the Cost of SPP Service:

In the event that the declared price of the delivery exceeds $6,001 NTD (includes $6,001 NTD), the SPP fee shall be 0.5% (this number is rounded after the point) of the declared price or $40 NTD per shipment. The higher of either numbers shall be used for standard calculation.


Compensation Work Process:

  1. In the event that damage occurs to the deposited commodity during the SPP service period, the sender shall apply for compensation within one day after the reception by the receiver; in the event that the commodity is lost or stolen the sender shall apply for compensation within ten days after the notification of lost or stolen by Taiwan S.F. Express. After the exceeding the previous limited date and no application for compensation was submitted, the sender’s right to claim compensation shall be relinquished.
  2. The sender shall provide complete information to Taiwan S.F. Express for its investigation after Taiwan S.F. Express receives the application for compensation. Both parties shall confirm matters related to compensation within thirty days. Taiwan S.F. Express shall compensate the sender within five working days after the parties confirmed; maximum compensation shall be calculated based on the price of SPP service.
  3. The sender shall transfer the ownership and recourse right to Taiwan S.F. Express proportionally after receiving the compensation.


Cancellation by Agreement:

The sender shall write down real transportation information; he or she shall not deceive or omit part or all of the information. Taiwan S.F. Express may inspect any time;
Taiwan S.F. Express may cancel or terminate this agreement in the event of any falsified information, and the sender shall bear all expenses related to the cancellation or termination. The expenses include shipping cost, custody fee, shipment protection fee, transporting fee, and warehousing fee. Taiwan S.F. Express shall not be liable for any damage that is caused by falsified information provided by the sender. In the event that the sender deceives Taiwan S.F. Express maliciously, such as the declaration of price exceeds average market price or the sender and receiver conspire and falsify certification of not receiving, commodity damage or discrepancy, Taiwan S.F. Express may claim for legal liabilities.



  1. The sender shall check the deposited commodity of SPP service with Taiwan S.F. Express after the sender chooses the SPP service. The checked content shall include name of commodity, quantity, weight, unit price, declared price, shipment number, and address of target location.
  2. The sender shall notify customer service of Taiwan S.F. Express immediately when the sender discovery any mistakes inside the SPP service.
  3. The sender shall provide a commercial invoice of deposited commodity sending the commodity and write down the declared price of deposited commodity on the shipping; declared price of the deposited commodity shall be same as commercial invoice provided by the sender.
  4. Taiwan S.F. Express retains the ultimate power to accept or reject the SPP service used by the sender.


Taiwan S.F. Express shall not be liable for compensation for the following situations:

  1. Damage caused by flood, draught, storm, earthquake or other natural disasters.
  2. Damage caused by war, strike, prohibition by government or other political reasons.
  3. Damage caused by custom confiscation or detention.


Other Agreement:

The sender agrees to each and every condition of this agreement after choosing Taiwan S.F. Express’s SPP service.

Taiwan S.F. Express shall fulfill its obligation in accordance to the agreement of SPP service and conditions on the shipping.

Taiwan S.F. Express reserve the right to modify rules and conditions of SPP service, furthermore, Taiwan S.F. Express need not notify separately for any modification.