Special Warehousing Service


If the recipient's address is a wharf, airport, logistics company/ center/ warehouse, bonded area, or customs supervision area, our company provide special warehousing service, and a service surcharge will be charged according to relevant standard. Meanwhile, we can also provide the customers with prepaid warehousing fees service. This service greatly enhances shipment delivery efficiency as it eliminates the risk of being unable to allocate a suitable delivery time with the consignee.


Service coverage

Shipments sent between Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong District with the areas or addresses which need special warehousing service. For details, please refer to Special Warehousing Address Library(Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong)



This service is available for all customers 


Warehousing address

Effective from July 1, 2017




Warehousing Charge

Hong Kong

Warehouse and logistics center




Airport, port, exhibition center

Chinese Mainland




Advance Payment

Hong Kong

For Hong Kong areas, no charges for Entry fee, only charges for the Registration fee.  Advance payments can be paid on the basis of the bill.

Chinese Mainland

Advance payment can be paid on the basis of the bill.

Prepaid warehousing fees: the warehousing fees will be charged based on the amount of the warehousing fees we have paid for the customer.


Payment method:

Paid by shipper, paid by consignee or paid by third party



A warehousing service fee will be charged for any delivery to the addresses specified in Special Warehousing Address Library within Hong Kong District and Chinese Mainland, regardless of whether we have paid the warehousing fees in advance for the customers.