Taiwan S.F. Express Co. Ltd. commits to opening up diversified international logistics services


In order to fulfill the goal of “providing omnibearing logistics services”, Taiwan S.F. Express continuously expanded its diversified Worldwide Express services by the virtue of its long-term accumulated advantages in import and export logistics services. The “S.F. International School” was held on Monday, November 20, and more than a hundred customers attended the activity. We were invited to the world famous e-commerce platform–Taiwan Amazon. Amazon seller tools and services–BQool software; the cross-border payment platform–Payoneer; and cross-border e-commerce platform–BlueMall. For small and medium-sized business owners who want to explore opportunities of cross-border e-commerce, we share the actual experience of “money” going overseas. By taking advantage of international logistics, Taiwan S.F. Express consolidates the integrity of resource sharing platforms such as e-commerce platforms, sales tools and cash flow to develop cross-border e-commerce services to ecosystems that are expected to help Taiwan's traditional traders, small and medium-sized retailers transform successfully. Finding the exclusive Blue Ocean Strategy, look beyond Taiwan and enter overseas markets in order to achieve another wave of economic peak.


In response to the increasingly internationalization of the Taiwan market and steadily developing logistics services among China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau,Taiwan S.F. Express has also gradually expanded its international distribution services and Domestic Delivery services in Taiwan. Up until now, Worldwide Express has opened up 52 countries in the world and dedicated to providing diversified export logistics (Including Standard Express Service, Economy Express Service and International Packet Service to be launched in December Note 1), The providing areas of overseas warehousing includes Central European warehouse, East European warehouse, Russia warehouse and German warehouse, the forthcoming completion of the construction, and First Mile delivery service (Scope of application: international ex-gratia, international heavy goods) delivered to the warehouses of cooperative e-commerce platform. In recent years, the company has also been successful in assisting Taiwanese dealers in providing tailor-made solutions of logistics that include diverse industries such as tea merchants, popular women’s brands, and mobile phone accessories suppliers. In this way, customers can select the right methods according to their business patterns and needs. These best and successful cases lead logistics services to the last mile of cross-border sales success.


Despite this, Taiwan S.F. Express has been devoted to the pursuit of bringing customers, a collection of high-quality service for technology and human nature and more continuous improvement in hardware and software since its establishment in 2007. At the “technology” level, Taiwan S.F. Express has developed its own advanced BSP logistics information system to provide key functions such as order management, e-AWB, and inquiry service and trace route. Customers can easily manage order and delivery progress through the system, and link corresponding logistics waybills without time difference. Through the 0800 customer service, the official website, WeChat, Taiwan S.F. Express app services, they can have access to a variety of consulting and ordering methods.


In the “human nature” aspect, Taiwan S.F. Express has nearly 650 vehicles, about 50 stations in Taiwan and nearly 1,400 employees. Through flexible management and deployment, Taiwan S.F. Express has created a good reputation for the high efficiency of service. Due to the combination of technology and humanity, Taiwan S.F. Express can provide customers: quick receipt, stable effectiveness, customs clearance, price advantage, doubles free concessions, and value-added services. Six major advantages for customers grab off market opportunities successfully and improve performance effectively.


In response to the promotion of diversified international logistics services and the arrival of boom season for giving gifts in the end of year, Taiwan S.F. Express extended its activities “10% discount for Worldwide Express” Note 2. From now on until December 31, all international items sent from Taiwan get 10% discount. Consumers can get the most affordable price and sent the object to the world quickly. (Detailed instructions, please go to Taiwan S.F. Express website: www.sf-express.com.tw query)


Note 1: The international logistics services of Taiwan S.F. Express

Product Services

Project Service Features

Standard Express Service

High value goods, the effectiveness and service of high requirements made by the Standard Express Service

Economy Express Service

Preferential price, long effectiveness, relatively stable economic Worldwide Express Service

International Heavy Goods Service

Large-weight items to overseas countries launched the high cost of international heavy goods services

International Packet Service

Fast effectiveness, cost-effective packet service (registered & ordinary mail)


Note 2: The event is valid until December 31, 2017. This activity does not contain the mailings in Hong Kong and Macao Standard Express and Hong Kong and Macao Economy Express Service.


 Photo 1: S.F. International School (Taipei Station) Invited BlueMall Cross-border E-commerce (fifth from left), Taiwan Amazon (fourth from left), BQool (third from left), Payoneer (second from left) to share the essentials of cross-border e-commerce success with Taiwan S.F. Express.

Photo 2: Taiwan S.F. Express held “S.F. International School” on November 20 (Monday) with more than a hundred customers attending.