Regarding the refusal of a Hong Kong intellectual Leung, Man-Tao upon shipping books to Hong Kong

  •   Taiwan S.F. Express confirmed that there is no censorship for books shipped to Hong Kong, as all of the first line couriers are responsible for offering customers friendly reminders according to our standard operation procedures. In this case, due to the courier’s manner in explaining the guidelines, a cognitive difference arose. Our company will continue to enhance the educational training of our couriers to avoid any further misunderstandings because of cognitive differences.


      Taiwan S.F. Express, as a global logistics service provider, must follow the laws and regulations of the local customs of different countries. To protect our customers’ rights, we will avoid any return and confiscation of packages because of not complying with the laws and regulations of the destination country, resulting in affecting our customers’ delivery services. Therefore, we will provide friendly reminders to items sent. The goal of Taiwan S.F. Express is to deliver the customers’ goods safe and sound to the receivers, considering the customers’ rights as our prime concern.


      Regarding this event, it is purely an individual service case. Taiwan S.F. Express would like to express our apology if it affects our customers’ rights and feelings in shipping packages. In the future, Taiwan S.F. Express will continue to safeguard the security of the transportation of goods. With the spirit of “customers as important and customers come first,” we will continue to improve the internal communication mechanism and hope to provide customers with the best and most satisfactory logistics service.

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