S.F. Express Notification Regarding E-Waybill Upgrading

  • S.F. Express Notification Regarding E-Waybill Upgrading


    Dear Client,

    Greetings to you for all the supports you’ve been giving to S.F. Express!

    In order to protect customer privacy and ensure information security, as well as elevate your delivery experience, the company is going to gradually discontinue hand-writing paper waybills for overall upgrading to scannable e-waybills.


    1.           Scannable E-Waybills have the advantages listed below:
    2.       Without hand-writing, online operation creates more convenience.
    3.       Remember recipients’ information, it avoids filling in the same information again and again.
    4.       Scan QR Codes for speedily inquiring about the status of a shipment.
    5.       Protect information security for both the sender and receiver. When a third party scans the QR Code, only the status of a shipment can be seen, and no details about the waybill can be obtained.


    1.        Operation Steps: 


    1.       An e-waybill in duplicate has been attached with the QR Code and waybill number. You may use any QR Code reader to scan the e-waybill for inquiring;
    2.       Keep the first duplicate for reimbursement and attach the other one to the packaging of the shipment;
    3.       Contact the S.F. dispatcher, hand over the shipment to the dispatcher and pay the shipping fee;
    4.       After a successful delivery, scan the QR Code for inquiring about updates of the shipment or sharing the information to the recipient.


    At present, the company’s e-waybill has gradually replaced the hand-writing waybill. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. If you have any problems upon using the service, please contact the S.F. dispatcher for solutions. Concurrently, you are welcomed to follow Taiwan S.F. Express Facebook fan page or official website to obtain more information.

    Sincerely, thank you for your understanding and support!


    Taiwan S.F. Express Co., Ltd.

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