2018 Taiwan International Tea, Coffee & Wine Expo and Taiwan International Food Industry Show- Domestic Delivery Service is Available On site

  • Taiwan International Tea, Coffee, & Wine Expo and Taiwan International Food Industry Show

    Concurrent Exhibitions: Winter Chain Store Show, Taiwan International Tourism Souvenirs Exhibition

    The strongest exhibition at the end of the year, an exhibition taken as a designated pilgrimage by 190,000 people! Grandly presented on two floors, the largest scale in history, the exhibition provides visitors with buying one ticket to experience 6 exhibitions! More than 1,900 booths gather to present indicative brands both nationwide and worldwide that involve all required products of the up-middle-down stream in the tea/coffee/wine/food industry by providing one-stop service for a complete purchase experience and opportunities for professional contacts of business collaborations! The domestic delivery service of S.F. Express is available on site to help you enjoy exhibitions to your heart's content and make secured purchases.



    Information of Service Station:

    Dates: From November 16 (Friday) until November 19 (Monday), 2018

    Hours: From 11:00 to 17:00

    Location: Entrance/Exit of Area K of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center

    Concession for Shipping: The calculation is done according to the dimensions and weights of each shipment. Sending a shipment on site will be provided with a packing carton box sized in the type of 90 cm or 110 cm of Taiwan Domestic Delivery.


    Attentions for Delivery:

    1. Sending shipments with S.F. Express, the sender will be provided with a free-of-charge packing box sized in the type of 90 cm or 110 cm of Taiwan Domestic Delivery with protective fillings. In case of needing cartons in others sizes, the senders should pack their shipments by themselves, and the protective fillings will be available for free on site.
    2. Shipments with declared values exceeding NT$6,000 should purchase the Shipment Protection Plus Service (SPP), the fee of SPP should be subject to the on-site announcement.
    1. The activity special project is only applicable to Taiwan International Tea, Coffee, & Wine Expo, Taiwan International Food Industry Show - Online Popular Cuisines Special Area, Winter Chain Store Show, and Taiwan International Tourism Souvenirs Exhibition.
    1. The service coverage of the activity special project is limited to the main island of Taiwan. For shipments destined to the outlying islands (Kinmen, Matzu, Penghu, Green Island, Orchid Island and Xiaoliuqiu), an extra NT$ 150 per piece for remote area delivery will be charged.
    1. When the shipping address is located in remote areas, an extra 2-5 days of shipping time during business days should be added.
    1. In case of any disputes over the activity, Taiwan S.F. reserves the rights to final interpretation.
    1. Whoever uses the service is treated as agreeing to the terms and conditions of domestic delivery of Taiwan S.F. Express:https://reurl.cc/rg96y

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