Worldwide Express / Save 10% Off on the Delivery Service

Area: Taiwan
Duration: 8.Sep.2017 - 31.Dec.2017

Activity regulations: The sender who uses the Worldwide Express Service (including Standard Express Service and Economy Express Service) to send orders from Taiwan during the activity period will get a 10% discount if the shipping cost is paid in cash upon delivery.


Activity Notices:

  1. This activity is valid from September 8 to December 31, 2017.
  2. This activity is only available to senders paying the shipping cost by cash upon delivery. Customers with monthly accounts who are not paying in cash can get the discount under the original discounted monthly payment agreement (with the limitation of the monthly minimum number of tickets).
  3. This activity is available to the qualified customers. Employees of Taiwan S.F. Express and the cooperative shipping companies are not eligible to participate in this activity.
  4. Coverage of the collecting parcels: It is only available for the main island of Taiwan, excluding the remote islands. The coverage is based on the announcements updated on the Taiwan S.F. Express official website.
  5. To secure aviation safety, we have the right to examine any shipments exported through consignments.
  6. Taiwan S.F. Express does not accept the items that are unsafe or illegal for delivery. For details, please refer to our general terms and conditions for shipping.
  7. The sender shall be held responsible for providing false information (including but not limited to the contents, quantity, usage, value, currency, production location or destination) of the shipment resulting in the violation of the laws and regulations or fine and punishment.
  8. Taiwan S.F. Express reserves the rights of keeping, modifying, terminating and altering the terms and conditions of this activity. All changes will be announced on our official website.
  9. In cases of disputes on the details of the contents, regulations and terms stated in Chinese and English versions, the Chinese version is considered to be authentic.
  10. In the event of any disputes, the right for ultimate interpretation shall rest with Taiwan S.F. Express.