Chance to win Robot Vacuum via SF Express Wechat Service

Area: Taiwan
Duration: 1.Jun.2017 - 15.Aug.2017

Customers who submit orders by any of the S.F. Self-Service and instantaneously pay all shipping charges can join the lucky draw. Each track is entitled to one chance only. The more orders submitted will increase the odds of winning! Those using Self-Service and choosing Domestic Delivery Service at the same time will be given a bonus lucky draw for a Buffet Voucher at the Kitchen 12-Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel for two people. (For       details of bonus lucky draw, please refer to notice provision clause 3.)

*Note: Self-Service including “SF_Express WeChat”, “S.F. Express APP-FLEXISHIP”, “Online Service Center – MYSF



Prize Winner
First prize-LG Robot Vacuum 1
Taiwan S. F. branded prize-S. F. truck shaped power supply 20
Taiwan S.F. branded prize- S. F. cargo plane shaped USB 30
Domestic Delivery bonus lucky draw - Buffet Voucher of Kitchen 12-Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel for two people 5


Self-Service Ordering system:


Step 1 : Use the mobile phone to scan QR code or search “SF_Express-Taiwan” and follow.

Step 2 : After following “SF_Express-Taiwan” you can start enjoying self-service ordering and shipment tracking by WeChat.


Step 1 : Use the mobile phone to scan the QR Code and download FLEXISHIP on your mobile phone. Go to “Login” and register as the member of Taiwan S.F. Express.

Step 2 : Once you become S.F. member, you can enjoy self-service ordering and shipment tracking through mobile phone.

Online Service Center-MY SF

Step 1 : Please go to MYSF and register.

Step 2 : Once you become S.F. member, you can start self-service ordering online, and trace/track your shipment status.




  1. During the period of lucky draw promotion from June 1, 2017 to August 15, 2017, customers who complete submitting orders by Self-Service, such as “S.F. Express WeChat”, “S.F. Express APP – FLEXISHIP” or “Online Service Center – MYSF” and the fee is paid by sender can join the lucky draw.

2. The final day for the qualification to win the lucky draw is at 23:59 on August 15, 2017.

3. “Domestic Delivery Service” refers to room temperature package delivery offered in Taiwan. For detailed information, please link to


Important notice

  1. The prize for this event will only be delivered within Taiwan. The Organizer will not deliver prizes to areas outside Taiwan. Those who cannot claim the prize will be deemed to have waived their right for the prize and new winners will be drawn.
  2. Taiwan S.F. Express will not appoint designated personnel to notify the winners of the Taiwan S. F. branded prize, but will directly deliver the prize to the winners, and will make announcement at the official website of Taiwan S.F. Express-before September 30, 2017 as breaking news at

3. The First Prize will be the “LG Robot Vacuum”, the time for announcement of the winner and notification: the winner will be drawn at random on August 31, 2017. The winner will be notified by designated person with a designated written notice within 7 working days thereafter. The complete list of winners will be posted at the official website before September 30, 2017 at

4. Taiwan S.F. Express will provide assistance in processing the delivery of the prizes to winners. According to the Tax Code of Taiwan, a prize from a contest or lucky draw exceeding NTD1,000, shall be taken as an integral part of the comprehensive income tax of the winners of the year. As such, winners should provide photocopies of their national ID card, and present related receipts in order to claim the prize. If the winner is a company or institution, please attach the photocopies of the company registration for change and the national ID card of the deputy agent. If the winner is a minor and has no ID card, please attach a photocopy of the household registration record and the ID card of any of the guardians. If the prize exceeds NTD20,000, the winner shall be responsible for the winning tax at 10% of the prize whereby the Organizer shall be obliged to withhold this amount. If the winner is a non-resident of the Republic of China, or a business entity without a permanent place of business inside the Republic of China, a winning tax of 20% will be applicable. Winners who disagree with the aforementioned rules and regulations under the Tax Code shall be deemed to have voluntarily waived their right to the prize.

5. A party declaring income from prize winning for taxation purposes shall be the winner of prize, and it cannot be assigned or transferred to a third party for declaration.

6. The gifts for the prize for the event may be offered by an external supplier. Customers are advised to read the provisions and user instruction of the gifts with caution. Taiwan S.F. Express disclaims any responsibility on the maintenance service of the gifts, and will not assume any responsibility for the quality problems, defects or claims deriving from the gifts under law. Customers shall directly contact the entity or supplier concerned on the maintenance or repair of the gifts in the event of an inquiry or dispute thereof.

7. Keep the free tickets from the event properly as there will be no replacement.

8.The deadline of the free tickets is stated on the tickets.

9. The winners will be picked through random drawing on the lucky drawing day under the witness of the legal affairs personnel of the Organizer.

10. Participants in this event shall constitute their consent of accepting the rules and regulations governing this event and the violation of which shall result in the disqualification of the participants in the event or entitlement as winners. In addition, the Organizer may claim for damage against the participants, if applicable.

11. Please confirm the accuracy of your personal information. In the event of inaccurate personal information to the extent that the Organizer cannot contact the persons or deliver the prize, it shall be deemed as a waiver of the right for the prize.

12. The Organizer reserves the right to review the eligibility of the participants. In the event of intervention with a malicious computer program, or any other activities obviously in defiance of the equal opportunity in participation of the event, or, participants were found not eligible for participation in the event by Taiwan S.F. Express or a third party, the Organizer will disqualify the participants concerned at once and revoke the entitlement to receiving the prize. If the prize has already been delivered, the Organizer may claim for the repossession of the prize (or the equivalent amount of cash). The participants shall duly observe this rule.

13. In the event of loss, error, or damage to the data registered by the participants for participation in this event due to the failure of a computer, network, telephone, technology, or any other reasons, the Organizer shall not be held responsible, to the extent that the aforementioned data becomes invalid, the Organizer and the task force of the event disclaim any legal liability thereof. The Participants shall duly observe this rule.

14. Parties who participate in this event shall constitute their agreement with the force of this regulation. The Organizer reserves the right of keeping, modifying, terminating, and altering the details of this event not mentioned here without further notice. In the event of force majeure (missing, damage, and others in the course of mail delivery) the extent to which the content of prize is changed, Taiwan S.F. Express has the right to replace other gifts at equivalent value of the prize. Accordingly, the winners shall agree to accept such gifts.

15. Anything regarding the prize not fully mentioned here shall be subject to the description as stated in the content of the notice of award. Winners shall not demand a change in the gifts or for cash as a substitute, discount, or any form of adjustment.

16. Employees of Taiwan S.F. Express are not allowed to participate in this event.

17. In the event of force majeure, to the extent that this event cannot be carried out as planned, Taiwan S.F. Express reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or temporary halt this event and disclaim any liability for compensation.

18.We use your personal information (including your name, telephone and E-mail) only for customer service information filing, statistical compilation and survey and analysis, for courier service, marketing and promotion, notification of activities, and related services through joint ventures. Within the scope of the service provided by Taiwan S.F. Express and in the duration necessary for providing the service, we will collect, process, and use your personal information in hard copy or soft copy, or any other appropriate means available by technologies. You may exercise the right of (1) request for inquiry or viewing; (2) making replication; (3) request or supplementation or correction; and (4) request for stop collecting, processing, and using the information or for deletion of the information. We disclaim any liability for the damage caused by your exercise of the aforementioned rights and the impairment thereof.

19.The content, clause and detail of this promotional event will be made in Chinese and English versions. In the event of discrepancy between the two versions, the Chinese version shall stand.

20.Taiwan S.F. Express reserves the right to modify the event in the aspects of the prize or the detail of claiming the prize. In the event of dispute, the right for ultimate interpretation shall rest with Taiwan S.F. Express.