S.F. Express self-service ordering – Chance to win return tickets to Macau

Area: Taiwan
Duration: 16.Jul.2016 - 16.Sep.2016

When placing an order through S.F. Express's shipping tools such as S.F. Express APP – FLEXISHIP or S.F. Express WeChat, you will be able to join the "S.F. Express self-service ordering – Chance to win return tickets to Macau " event, Place one order for a chance to win a great prize, the more you send, the more chances you will get!


From now on, when you placing an order through S.F. Express's shipping tools you will be entitled to one lucky draw chance to win the S.F. Express Mug set (Limited 50 copies available!) Pick up your mobile and place your order now!



Prizes Description No. of prizes
16.July.2016 - 15.September.2016 First prize:Return tickets to Macau for two 1
Additional Prize:S.F. Express Mug set 50


S.F. Express APP - FLEXSHIP: Scan QR Code and download FLEXSHIP to enjoy self-service ordering, order management, service inquiries and more. You can easily manage your shipments!


Step 1: Scan QR Code and download FLEXISHIP and register as a S.F. member.

Step 2: Start using the app to enjoy self-service ordering and service inquiries etc.


IVR services: Order Placement by telephone is quick, easy and time-saving

Step 1: Call the customer service hotline at 0800-088-830 and set up a 4 digit ordering password via the customer service representative.

Step 2: After setting up your ordering password, the next time you call our customer service hotline, press 1 for Mandarin service, then press 1 again for order placement via IVR.


Online Service Center: Convenient self-service online order placement and inquiry

Step 1: Please register as a S.F. member on the S.F. Express official website to activate the self-service order function.

Step 2: After you become a member of the S.F. Express official website, you will be able to enjoy self-service ordering and service inquiries etc.


We Chat ordering service:Scan QR Code or search “SF_Express-Taiwan” for easy ordering and simple management for your shipments.


Step 1: Scan QR Code or search “SF_Express-Taiwan” to follow Taiwan S.F. Express.

Step 2: After following Taiwan S.F. Express, you can place self-service ordering and make inquiries through WeChat.


Activity Notes:

  1. Customer will be entitled one lucky draw chance with each completed order and the charges by shipper placing via SF-App FLEXISHIP and S.F. Express WeChat the program period (from 16.July.2016 to 15.September.2016).
  2. The lucky draw cut-off time: before 15 September 2016, 23:59:59.


Prizes Notes:

  1. The area of delivery is limited to the region of Taiwan only that the organizer does not deliver the prizes to overseas.
  2. S.F. Express will deliver gifts to the winners directly. Besides, the winner list will be announced on the S.F. Express website (News) before 21October 2016.
  3. The winner of “Two South Korea Round Trip Tickets” will be drawn on 30September 2016 and the winner will be notified individually within 7 days. The winner list will be announced on the S.F. Express website before 21October 2016.
  4. S.F. Express will assist to process winning related activities. According to Taiwan’s Taxation Act, if the total prize income exceeds NTD20,000, the winner shall pay for the 10% winning taxation and the amount will be deducted by the organizer according to legal regulations. Winners who are not from Taiwan shall cover 20% winning taxation. Any person who fails to cooperate with abovementioned regulations is considered as giving up his or her right and no longer possesses the winning qualification.
  5. The redeemed gifts are provided for external use. Before use, customers must read the terms and conditions on the gifts carefully. S.F. Express is not responsible for any maintenance service for the gifts, and does not accept any liability for defects or claims that may arise from these goods or services. For any inquiries or disputes related to the goods, customers must contact the competent authority or the supplier
  6. Please keep the ticket voucher well. No voucher will be reissued in case of missing.
  7. Tickets voucher shall be redeemed before 31 May 2017.
  8. On the event day, the lucky draw winner will be drawn under the witness of organizer’s legal personnel.
  9. All of the participants agree to follow regulations, notices and rules of this event. In case of violating any terms or conditions, the organizer has the right to cancel the participant’s participation or winning qualification, and may request the participant to compensate relevant damages.
  10. Please confirm the accuracy of personal information. If the prizes are unable to deliver or the winner cannot be contacted due to mistaken personal information, the winner will be considered as giving up his or her winning rights.
  11. The organizer retains the right of examining participants’ qualifications. If the company reveals or a third person reports any malicious computer program, actions against the activity fairness, or disqualifications of this activity, the organizer has the right to immediately cancel the person’s participation and winning qualification, and to request the person giving back the award.
  12. If any computer, internet, telephone, technology or other factors not attributable to the organizer have caused any loss, mistake or damage on participant’s registered information and make the information invalid, not only the organizer and activity team are not liable for any legal responsibilities, but also the participants and winners must not have any objection.
  13. Those who participate in this activity are considered as admitting the effectiveness of this regulation. In case of having unspecified matters, the organizer has the right of retaining, amending, terminating and changing the activity content without a separate notice. In case of having any amendment made on the prize content due to force majeure (such as loss or damage of the product during the delivery), Taiwan S.F. Express Co. Ltd retains the right of changing the prize and the winner shall accept the replaced prizes.
  14. Any award related unspecified matters shall be based on descriptions on the winning notification. The winner must not request to change the prize or exchange it for cash, discount or benefits.
  15. Employees of S.F. Express Taiwan are not eligible of joining this activity.
  16. If this event fails to implement due to force of majeure, S.F. Express Taiwan Co. Ltd. retains the right of canceling, terminating, amending or suspending this activity.
  17. Personal information you provided (including the name, telephone and email) will be used to establish customer’s files of services, data statistics, investigation and analysis, express business, marketing and promotion, activity notification and related cooperation and business services. Within the necessary period of above mentioned purposes, the Company is limited to, within the service range of S.F. Express Taiwan Co. Ltd., collect, handle and use your personal information provided in papers, electronic files or other appropriate methods that fit scientific technology of that time. You may (1) request to search or read; (2) request to be provided photocopies; (3) request to supplement or modify; (4) request to stop collecting, handling and using or delete the information as your rights. If your rights are damaged due to the implementation of aforesaid rights, the Company is not liable for any compensation.
  18. If discrepancy exists between the English and Chinese content, clauses and rules of this promotion, the Chinese version prevails.
  19. Regarding the awards or exchange details of this activity, S.F. Express Taiwan Co. Ltd. owns the rights of changing the activity. In case of having any dispute, S.F. Express Taiwan Co. Ltd. retains the right of final interpretation and decision.