Delivery with S.F. Express, 15% Off Discount is Offered to Worldwide Express Services

Promotion Period : 1.Oct.2018 - 31.Dec.2018

Activity Coverage: Taiwan

Activity Period: From today until December 31, 2018


Activity Objects: Customers using Worldwide Express Services (Taiwan S.F. Express Monthly Credit Account customers and Basic Account customers are included.)


Activity Rules: During the activity period, customers using Worldwide Express Services to ship from Taiwan (it's only available for delivering with International Standard Express and International Economy Express - International Heavy Weight Express is excluded.) will be offered 15% off the shipping payment, which is subject to the sender paying for shipping costs.


Note1: Monthly Credit Account customers need to sign an exclusive activity agreement before Taiwan S.F. Express applies the concession. Basic Account customers need to pay for shipping costs by cash upon delivery. (The representative will assist customers with using the activity-exclusive Monthly Credit Account.)

Note2: Please be noted the promotion is not including those parcels shipped to China, Hong Kong and Macau.


Activity Terms and Conditions:

  1.         The activity concession is offered starting from the same day it is announced on official website until December 31, 2018. Monthly Credit Account customers will be offered the concession after 1 to 2 work days when their activity agreement that is returned without mistakes becomes valid.
  2.         If Monthly Credit Account customers want to use the activity concession, they need to sign the agreement of “15% off offered on Worldwide Express Service” with Taiwan S.F. Express for using the activity-exclusive credit account to settle shipping costs every month. Basic Account customers need to pay for each shipping payment by cash.

※  The Activity-Exclusive Monthly Credit Account Concession Agreement can be downloaded from the official website, or customers can request a hard copy of the agreement from their S.F. Express representative.

  1.         Coverage for picking up shipments: It's only available on Taiwan's main island, while remote islands off of Taiwan are excluded. The service coverage announced on the official website is taken as the finalized standard.
  2.         Taiwan S.F. Express reserves the right to modify the activity in the aspects of contents, period, relevant terms and conditions. Any modifications will be announced on the company's official website.
  3.         In case of any disputes regarding the contents of the activity, terms, and/or conditions between the Chinese versions and English version, the finalized standard will be based on the Chinese language version.
  4.         If case of any disputes over the activity, Taiwan S.F. Express reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of terms and conditions.
  5.         If Basic Account customers have a need for large amount shipments, they're welcomed to call our customer service hotline 0800-088-830 for consulting about the application of joining our Monthly Credit Account customers.