The Wishful S.F. Express Welcomes the Year of the Pig The Rate of Chinese New Year Domestic Delivery Service starts from NT$74

Promotion Period : 2.Jan.2019 - 2.Feb.2019

  •    Activity Period: From today until February 2, 2019
  •    Activity Objects:Monthly Credit Account customers and Basic Account customers
  •    Activity Rules:

Customers who use room temperature domestic standard home delivery service can enjoy the concessions and the price of

“Dimensions less than 80cm” will be NT$74 per package;

“Dimensions between 81 and 110cm” will be NT$111 per package;

“Dimensions between 111 and 140cm” will be NT$141 per package;

“Dimensions between 141 and 170cm” will be NT$170 per package.

(For Limited Sender-Pay and Receiver Pay. Third-Party Payment is not applicable.)


Calculation of Dimensions (cm)

Length + Width + Height

Type of Dimensions (cm)

Less than (and including) 80




Weight (kg)

Less than (and including) 1

More than 1, less than (and including) 20

Less than (and including) 20

Price (NT$)






Discount Price (NT$)





※  The above listed individual prices includes tax.

※  No concessions shall be applicable to drop-off delivery service at Palm Box, Hi-Life Convenience Stores, and collection points.


  •    Attentions of the activity:
  1. The activity concession is offered to start from January 2, 2019 to February 2, 2019.
  2. The Activity is limited to eligible participants only. Employees of S.F. Express and its partner delivery companies are excluded from participation in the Activity.
  3. Shipments under the Activity are limited to 20 kg or less. Weight exceeding 20 kg is charged with an overweight surcharge of NT$10/kg (maximum 30 kg of total weight).
  4. The promotional discount price provided in the activity doesn't include the carton packaging box of Taiwan Home Delivery. Regarding purchase of the packaging boxes, please contact the courier staff or the customer service hotline 0800-088-830.
  5. The activity is only applicable to S.F. Express Pickup Service (all service points throughout Taiwan, S.F. Express International APP, MYSF Membership Platform, or the customer service hotline 0800-088-830). Delivery service provided in convenience stores such as Hi-Life, Palm Box, and collection points is not included in the service coverage of the activity.
  6. The Activity applies to delivery to/from Taiwan proper and outlying islands Kinmen, Penghu, Matsu, Green Island, Lamay Island, Orchid Island. The details of the service and the delivery times under this Activity follow the Taiwan S.F. Express website.
  7. Shipments to/from the outlying islands are charged a Service Charge of NT$150 per Shipment.
  8. If the shipment is destined or dispatched to remote areas in Taiwan, the delivery takes an extra 2-5 working days.
  9. Taiwan S.F. Express does not pick up or deliver hazardous or illegal items. Please refer to our company's Shipment for details.
  10. Taiwan S.F. Express reserves the right to change this Activity, its terms and conditions, and/or its details. Any changes will be announced on the company's website.
  11. In case of any disputes over the activity, Taiwan S.F. Express reserves the rights to final interpretation.