Why Choose S.F. Express?

S.F. Express offers hassle-free and uninterrupted services to Asia-Pacific.

At S.F. Express, no matter who you are, whether your business is local or global, we address your needs for time-critical delivery to Asia-Pacific, one of the largest emerging markets in the world.

S.F. Express endeavors to bring value to your business, by offering you:
• High quality and flexible services
• Full waiver of fuel surcharge on all shipments
• Reliable and secure service networks across Mainland China without involving 3rd party
• 20% Savings on Dimensional Weight (Length x Width x Height in inches/166 = DIM Weight in pounds)
• Year-round operations in Mainland China

Utilizing our resources, we will continue to invest heavily in new technologies, operations, and human resources, to provide leading-edge solutions in order to maximize our value for customers, grow our business, and expand our reach further.

Promotion Campaigns/Offer
S.F. Express will launch various promotional campaigns and discount offers from time to time.
Please check back often for new and current offers!