Use Reward Points As Money

Target: Registered members, bronze members, silver members, gold members and diamond members

Privilege: The reward points can redeem for external brand coupon/physical items, and can also be used to deduct part of the freight charges when sending shipments or purchasing products.


1. Reward point redemption: The reward points can be used to redeem for goods;

2. Redeem reward points for freight charges: Upon 500 reward points, the reward points can be redeemed for freight charges. 100 reward points equal to RMB 1. RMB 12 can be deducted for each shipment at maximum;

3. Reward points for shopping: "Reward points + money" can be used to purchase goods from the mall;

4. Lottery: 10 reward points for each lottery draw;

5. Reward point seckill: There will be online seckill activity on each Friday;

6. Participation method: SF's WeChat account or SF Express APP -[Member Center]-[Reward Point Mall].