Brand Discount

Target: Bronze members, silver members, gold members, platinum members, diamond members and black diamond members

Privilege: Bronze members of SF Express or higher are entitled to an exclusive discount pack offered by SF’s partners.


1. Teaming up with a third party platform, SF Express will offer its members a leisure and entertainment discount pack. Bronze members or higher are entitled to one pack each month.

2. This privilege is offered by a third party platform and the rules on the said platform shall be followed. For use details, please check at SF Express WeChat public account-Me-Member Center-Coupon-External Coupon-Rules of Use.

3. The discount pack may vary each month and SF Express may adjust the pack from time to time based on the resources gained.

4. The discount coupon contained in each pack shall be used within the validity specified by the third party platform and become invalid upon expiration.

5. Limited quantity each month while stock lasts. First come, first served.