Coupon Revalidation

Target: Platinum members, diamond members and black diamond members

Privilege: Platinum members of SF Express or higher are entitled to certain times of coupon revalidation each month. The higher the membership level is, the more times are entitled to.


1. Platinum members of SF Express are entitled to the coupon revalidation service once a month, diamond members are entitled to the service twice a month, and black diamond members are entitled to the service three times a month.

2. The privilege is only applicable to SF coupons that expired in the last two months  (excluding used coupons, golden finger coupons and Weiyouji coupons), one time for one coupon only.

3. After the privilege is used, a new coupon of an equivalent amount will be issued automatically by the system to the member account and be valid for 30 days.

4. Revalidated coupons can only be used for paying freight charges of cash customers within the Chinese Mainland and cannot be used for deduction or waiver of credit amount fees, COD and COD service fees, or for payment of SF Economy Express (D) and SF Air Distribution.