Refunding Coupon for Packaging Fees

Target: Diamond members

Privilege: SF Express' individual members' (only limited to diamond membership)standard packing fees paid when sending the shipment will be refunded to the customer in the form of SF coupon in equivalent amount 5 days after the sign-off for acceptance of the shipments.


1. The shipper's contact information on waybill shall be member number (phone number), and the shipper shall be cash customer. The shipment shall not be credit account or Hive Box shipments;

2. The shipper shall be the payer and coupon has not been used to deduct for freight charges;

3. The packaging fees are only applicable to standard packaging services (using carton No. 1-6) and do not include other special packaging materials.

4. The packaging fees will be refunded with SF coupons with equivalent amount 5 working days after the sign-off for acceptance of the shipment, the refund amount of single shipment shall be no more than RMB 5; 5 coupons at most will be refunded to each member account each month;

5. If the shipment is sent at the end of the month and is signed off for acceptance at the beginning of the next month, the shipment will be calculated as shipment of the previous month. For example, if the shipment is sent on April 30 and is signed off on May 2. The shipment will be calculated as shipment in April;

6. If the user meets the requirements, the gift can be gained by the end of next month. The privilege will be expired thereafter;

7. The coupon gained will be put into the member account, the user can check on the official account "SF Express" via WeChat (guidance: "I - Member Center - Coupon- SF Coupon - Coupon for Online Payment"). The coupon will be valid for 1 month and will be expired after 1 month.