Free Storage

Target: Regular members, black iron members, bronze members, silver members, gold members, platinum members, diamond members and black diamond members

Privilege: If an individual member of SF Express cannot accept the shipment in person due to his or her own reasons, a free storage service will be offered by SF Express for 7 days upon receipt of the first acceptance notice. Platinum, diamond and black diamond members may also be entitled to free storage for additional hours.


1. The privilege is only applicable to individual members of SF Express for mutual shipping within the Chinese Mainland.

2. The privilege is applicable to express products (including without limitation SF Standard Express, SF Standard Express-Ground and SF Special Express. The free storage period shall be 7 days after receipt of the first notice (excluding the date of receipt of the first notice).

3. Platinum members are entitled to free storage for additional 1 day while diamond/black diamond members are entitled to free storage for additional 3 days.

4. When enjoying this privilege, the member shall present his or her membership identity to the courier actively (pathway: SF Express WeChat public account-Me-Member Center-Membership Level).