Introduction to Membership

Definition of the Membership System
The membership system of SF Express is a user growth system that is built on the basis of individual users’ behaviors of sending and receiving shipments for the purposes of establishing an effective connection with users and providing users with more convenient, affordable and considerate exclusive services.

How to become a member?

Users may become a member of SF Express by verifying their mobile phone number on SF Express official website, SF Express WeChat public account, SF Express APP, SF Express+ mini-program or the registration entry designated on the courier’s HHT. Please refer to the registration guide for different channels below:
1. Official website: SF Express official website -->Log on/register
2. WeChat: WeChat public account of SF Express --> Me -->My SF -->Log on/register
3. APP: SF Express APP --> My SF -->Log on/register
4. SF Express+ mini-program: SF Express+ mini-program --> My -->Log on/register

Access to the Member Center
1. WeChat access: WeChat public account of SF Express --> Me -->Member Center
2. APP access: SF Express APP --> Home -->Member Center
3. Mini-program access: SF Express+ mini-program --> My --> Member Center