Customer Service Case of SF -- Zhouheiya

To provide customers with the best service experience, Zhouheiya joins hands with SF Cold Chain to promote the Cold Chain To Home service. During the Double 11 online shopping festival in 2016, SF undertook all orders of Zhouheiya, finished the delivery of 600,000 shipments within 7 days and provided customers with the freshest and healthiest shopping experience.

To satisfy consumers' taste, based on plenty of experiment data, SF developed a brand-new packing box to ensure the product freshness while reducing the packaging cost of Zhouheiya. To enhance efficiency, SF assigned dedicated personnel to be stationed on site and arranged dedicated vehicles for transit purpose. Shipments were directly going through labeling, scanning and sorting processes in the warehouse and dispatched to the airport to ensure delivery in 24-36 hours. Through test and promotion for a month, the service was well accepted by consumers and the consumer satisfaction was improved significantly. Thiseffectively promoted the long-term development of Zhouheiya in e-commerce business.
Based on the acknowledgment of the core value of “Customer First", SF and Zhouheiya will deepen their cooperation in logistics supply chain tohelp Zhouheiya expand its market and gain a win-win brand achievement.

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