SF Pharmaceuticals Made New Breakthroughs in “Vaccine Supply Chain End-to-end Service Mode” and Cooperated with A Vaccine Benchmark Enterprise


On January 1, 2020, SF Pharmaceuticals successfully launched the “Shenzhen Vaccine Warehousing Project” with a vaccine benchmark enterprise, which marks that SF Pharmaceuticals’ “vaccine end-to-end supply chain service capacity” gains acknowledgement from the industry giant, pioneers the supply chain “one-stop” service mode to provide all-round support to vaccine manufacturing enterprises in whole supply chain trace management, quality compliance, promotion channel subsidence empowering and reducing warehousing and distribution costs and enhancing efficiency and more.


“Shenzhen Vaccine Warehousing Project” is SF Pharmaceuticals’ one of the key nodes of “Vaccine End-to-end Supply Chain Service Capacity”. SF Pharmaceuticals provides operation service of the Shenzhen GMP Extended Warehouse for a vaccine manufacturer, covering warehouse siting, customized transformation (BTO), joint record in CFDA, daily operation management and more.

After launching the “Shenzhen GMP Extended Warehouse” process, SF Pharmaceuticals initiated: “Vaccine Semi-product transportation→Factory Extended Warehouse Operation→Factory Allocation Feeding→Finished Product Warehouse Operation→Main Line Transportation→DC Operation→Local Distribution” domestic supply chain “one-stop” service mode.



The “one-stop” supply chain service from the transportation of “vaccine raw materials” to vaccine finished product distribution to return allocation, provides great value for the enterprises and the society, which meets the high standards of customers and high requirements on audit, and also meets the supervision requirements of competent departments.


1. Traceable vaccine quality safety for the whole process: By covering the whole process of information system solution of warehousing distribution system, data display, interface and foundation system, and combining with whole-process monitoring warning of temperature/environment temperature and visible tracking of vehicle, SF Pharmaceuticals effectively realized unified management of warehouse and distribution, information traceability, guaranteed the storage security, distribution security and safe using of the vaccines and information traceability.


2. Whole-process compliance management: Relying on its experience in separated warehouse record of prescription drugs, sound quality management system and standardized operation management, SF Pharmaceuticals assists vaccine manufacturers to finish separated-warehouse recording, site equipment compliance verification and whole-process operation compliance.


3. Promotion channel subsidence empowering: With the neutral and professional warehousing and distribution integrated logistics services, SF Pharmaceuticals assists vaccine manufacturers in setting up the most optimized pre-positioned warehouses, meets the subsidence requirements of promotion channels, gets closer to the receiver’s terminal, shortens the distribution distance, effectively enhances distribution efficiency covering the cities, reduce damage rate and cuts the overall logistics costs.


4. Customized value-added services: SF Pharmaceuticals customizes value-added services such as in-warehouse operation service, IT system reconstruction/connection, cold chain packaging materials using and recycling management.


5. Guaranteed vaccine circulation security: Relying on SF’s high-quality service and good reputation, SF Pharmaceuticals further gains the trust from the society and public by practically guaranteeing the quality and safety of vaccine in the whole process in the transportation and storage processes.


With the smooth advancement of the cooperation mode of “vaccine one-stop supply chain", SF Pharmaceuticals will continue to provide vaccine manufacturers and disease prevention and control centers with executable, referential industrial standards, guarantee vaccine circulation safety and create value continuously for enterprises and the society.


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