VIP Shipping Management System


"VIP Shipping Management System" is a self-service application designed for our VIP customers. It features shipping, enquiry, bill checking, and other customized functions that cater to your needs with comprehensive services.

How to Use

1. Download the "VIP Shipping Management System". Install it.
2. Log in with your VIP customer account.
Select your desired options.



1.  My Shipment:Supports "Place Order", "Manage Order", "-waybill Printing", etc.
2.  Track Shipment/Bill Checking:Supports "Shipment Tracking", "Bill Enquiry", etc.
3.  System Settings:You can edit your personal information such as password, customer name, company name, email address, mobile phone number, etc.
HTTP Download


Printer driver download address:

Zebra Printer driver

HPRT HLP106S-UE Printer driver

SNBC BTP-L540H Printer driver

SNBC BTP-L540H Printer driver for win10

QR-668E Printer driver

(tips:After the printer driver download is complete, it needs to be decompressed and can be installed according to the installation icon)

In case it fails to work properly, please reinstall it.