Cold Chain To Store

It is a periodic distribution service delivering fresh products from a point to multiple points for fresh product cold chain customers via fresh product cold chain city integrated distribution.

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Product Features
Whole-process cold chain

Real-time temperature control, the whole process is visible.

Charging Standards

The mode of quotation is flexible, which can be charged by weight/number of pieces/times/starting price+number of stores.


Chinese Mainland, intra-city, intra-province/economic circle (such as Beijing, Tianjin, Hebe, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai)
(The address shall be within range of level-3 province, city, district/county, for details, please dial 9533881.

Transit Time

Specific time is designated by the customer.

Value-added Service

SPP, Return Proof of Delivery

Notice for Use

Customer type: Only available to credit account customers.
Consignment content:
1. Primary agricultural products: Vegetables, fruits, livestock and poultry meat, eggs, and aquatic products.
2. Processed food: Frozen food; semi-finished or finished products of livestock and poultry meat, eggs and aquatic products; dairy products; catering supplies.
3. Others: Fresh flowers, etc.
Customer qualification requirement: Customers need to provide a proof of qualification for the consignment content.
Temperature range during transportation: Refrigerated storage; frozen storage; room temperature.

Customer service hotline:95338

Service hour:24 hours from Monday to Friday.

Online service :Click to contact

Service hour:24 hours

Contact your local courier or sales manager.