Cold Chain Warehousing

It provides an integrated cold chain warehousing service involving cold storage, sorting and packaging, distribution, and information circulation.

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Product Features

Wide coverage and strong warehousing capacity facilitate main line transportation and distribution nation-wide.

Shipments are warehoused in as a whole and warehoused out separately, and small-batch multi-category operation service is available.

 Distributed inventory service is available nation-wide.

 Multi-temperature storage, 24H temperature control and whole-process traceability can be achieved.

Charging Standards

The prices are based on the specific service requirements of customers. Major chargeable items include warehouse-in, warehouse-out, storage, sorting, packaging and so on.

Note: For specific prices, please dial 9533881


The service is available in major cities in Chinese Mainland. For details, please dial 9533881.

Notice for Use

Customer type: Only available to credit account customers who have signed the Logistics and Logistics Support Service Contract (Master Contract) and the Terms for the Cold Chain Warehousing Service.

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Customer service hotline:95338

Service hour:24 hours from Monday to Friday.

Online service :Click to contact

Service hour:24 hours

Contact your local courier or sales manager.