Cold Chain To Store

  • About the Service

    It is a city distribution service based on land transportation from a point to multiple points to consolidate and load shipments like food that are temperature demanding.

  • Service Features

    Whole-process cold chain: Whole-process temperature control to prevent from semi cold chain and stopping heat supplication.

    Temperature control: Temperature control is provided throughout the process.

    Professional delivery: The distribution is carried out by professional cold-storage facilities and teams.

    Customized service: Customized city distribution is available for customers.

  • Service Coverage

    The service is applicable to shipments within the same city, province and economic circles (Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei; Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai only) (at province, city, or district/county level) in Chinese Mainland where SF cold storage warehouse is available. For details, please dial 9533881.

  • Transit Time

    No more than three days in general.

  • Service Pricing

    Shipments can be charged by weight/piece/times/minimum charge + number of stores. For details, please dial 9533881.

  • Notice for Use

    Customer type: Only available to credit account customers who have signed the Logistics and Logistics Support Service Agreement (Master Contract).

    Consignment content:

    1. Primary agricultural products: Vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, and aquatic products.

    2. Processed food: Frozen food; semi-finished or finished products of poultry, meat, eggs and aquatic products; ice cream, chocolate, dairy products; ingredients.

    3. Others: Fresh flowers, catering supplies and other items that customers require to deliver with ingredients.

    Customer qualification requirement: Customers need to provide a proof of qualification for the consignment content. For details, please consult local branches or dial 9533881.

  • Value-added Services

    SPP, COD, Return Proof of Delivery.