Cold Chain FTL

  • About the Service

    SF provides a customized cross-regional transportation service which complies with industry standards and with relatively fixed routes using cold storage vans to satisfy customers' FTL shipping demands. It ensures shipments to be delivered directly by point to point or point to multi-point means and skips the transit process. At the same time, it provides customers with value-added services such as whole process temperature data, Return Proof of Delivery, and SPP.

    1. Point to point: orders for which a shipper has only one receiving address.

    2. Point to multi-point: orders for which a shipper has multiple receiving addresses. Multiple waybills are generated based on the addresses. Freight charges are recorded as one waybill, and other expenditures are charged for each waybill individually.

  • Service Features

    Whole-process cold chain: Whole-process temperature control is available for goods that need to be refrigerated.

    Whole-process monitoring: Temperature data is provided for the whole transportation process.

    Safe and direct delivery: The distribution is carried out by professional teams to ensure shipment safety and on-time arrival.

    Customized service: Point to point (multi-point) city distribution with specified addresses is available.

  • Service Pricing

    Offers are made by vehicle type and mileage. The price may vary with flow directions.

  • Service Coverage

    The service is available in Chinese Mainland. For details, please contact local cold chain branches or dial 9533881.

  • Transit Time

    The transit time varies with customer demands and specific operating hours of the route.

  • Notice for Use

    Customer type: Only available to credit account customers who have signed the Logistics and Logistics Support Service Agreement (Master Contract) and the Terms for the Food Transportation Service.

    Consignment content:

    1. Primary agricultural products: Vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, eggs, aquatic products, and fresh flowers; Processed food: Frozen food; semi-finished or finished products of poultry, meat, eggs and aquatic products; ice cream, chocolate, and dairy products.

    Note: Animal feeding supplies (such as dog food) are not food.

    Customer qualification requirement: Customers need to provide a proof of qualification for the consignment content. For details, please consult local branches or dial 9533881.

    Temperature range: Refrigerated storage: 0-10℃; Frozen storage: ≤-18°C; Constant temperature storage: 18-22°C; Normal temperature storage; Cold storage: 0-4℃ (for delivering cold or chilled meat and poultry).

  • Value-added Services

    SPP, Return Proof of Delivery, and Packaging Service.