Hairy Crab Special Delivery

  • Service Introduction

    It is an exclusive express delivery service targeting at customers shipping crabs such as hairy crabs, river crabs and sea crabs. The transit time of shipments and quality of the commodities are fully guaranteed with prioritized loading, transit, delivery and settlement of claims.

  • Service Features

    Time assurance: Prioritized pickup, transit and delivery services can be achieved for similar products;
    Whole-process follow-up and management is provided throughout all processes including pickup, transit and delivery to ensure shipment transit time.
    Freshness retaining: Professional package solutions are provided;
    Independent monitoring and exception handling mechanisms are available.
    Quick settlement of claims.

  • Service Pricing

    Initial weight + additional weight. The price may vary with flow directions.

  • Service Coverage

    Districts in Chinese  Mainland where shipments can be delivered in three days. For details, please dial 95338, visit SF's official website or consult local cold chain branches.

  • Transit Time

    No more than three days in general (by 23:59 p.m. on the third day)

  • Notice for Use

    Under the precondition that the package is satisfactory and that the air security check is passed, pickup and delivery is available for credit account customers and cash customers;
    Consignments are live crabs such as hairy crabs, river crabs and sea crabs;
    The single shipment weight shall not exceed 10 KG and multi-piece/binding shipments are not allowed;
    Redirection, forwarding and return of shipments are not allowed in principle.

  • Value-added Services

    SPP, Return Proof of Delivery, Standardized Packaging, Individualized Packaging and Holiday Delivery.