Fixed Time Delivery

  • Service Introduction

    The Fixed Time Delivery Service offers two types of services, respectively delivery by time and delivery upon notice.
    1. Delivery by time: It means that a customer may designate the time of delivery (within 7 days upon shipment arrival) upon order placement and then SF may deliver the shipment as per the designated time.
    2. Delivery upon notice: It means that a shipment will be held at the service point after arrival at the destination, pending for delivery upon notice by shipper. 

    Delivery by time: RMB3/shipment
    Delivery upon notice: RMB5/shipment

  • Service Features

    • It satisfies shippers' demands on fixed-time delivery.
      It provides a customized and exclusive service.

  • Delivery Area

    Chinese Mainland (subject to actual products)

  • Notice for Use

    • 1. Service charge calculated together with the freight charge;
      2. Shipper pay by credit account and third-party pay by credit account supported