Highly Secured Express Service

  • Service Introduction

    The Highly Secured Express Service provides special monitoring, special-vehicle delivery, and professional claim settlement services to customers with the demand to ship high-value items (with the declared value of over RMB 20,000 per shipment). In the event of shipment loss or damage during the transportation process, SF will make compensation based on the declared value and damage rate, and the compensation amount shall not be higher than the actual loss of the shipment.

  • Service Features

    √   Pickup and delivery by designated personnel and vehicles, sign-off with valid documentation;

    √  Whole-process monitoring, fixed-time exception warning in each process;

    √   Flexible service charge rate, that is, the higher the declared value, the more preferential the price is;

    √   Professional after-sales service team, and fast claim settlement.

  • Service Coverage

    √   Mutual shipping within Chinese Mainland  or shipping to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

  • Charging Standard

    √  Highly Secured Express Service charge = Declared value * Standard service charge rate (5‰), rounded to an integer.

    √  For details ,please contact us via SF customer service hotline at 95338, local couriers.

  • Notice for Use

    For the following consignments, SF does not provide the SPP service:

    √    Illegal or prohibited goods;

    √    Fragile items: Glass, ceramics, plaster, stone, large carving, and items that cannot be packed easily;

    √    Fresh fruits and vegetables: Seasonal fruits, frozen food, fresh food, hairy crab, animals and plants.