Shipment Storage Service

  • Service Introduction

    For shipments whose customers are successfully contacted but failed to be delivered to door, or shipments which have reached the self pickup points with SMS successfully sent to the customers, but the customers have not yet picked up their shipments in a timely manner, the first 6 calendar days after the first notification is free for custody of goods, service fees for the custody of goods will be charged from the seventh day.

  • Service Scope

    Mainland China

  • Charging Standard

    For shipments with a weight of less than 100 kg, the service fee is RMB20 per shipment per day; for shipments with a weight of no less than 100 kg, the service fee is RMB0.2 per shipment per day

  • Notes

    • When a shipper makes the payment, fees are charged after currency conversion.
    • If the period of free custody of goods expires during self-pickup/delivery, the custody fees for the day of self-pickup/delivery will also be charged.