To-door Large-size Shipment Delivery

  • Service Introduction

    It is a stable and high quality value-added service to meet customers' demands on sending large-size shipments to-door.
    Applicable products: heavy freight and Special Cargo Service

  • Service Features

    Standard charges at first end and package to-door service at end

  • Service Coverage

    Mutual shipping between districts in the Chinese Mainland

  • Charging Standard

    Charging standards: Charge by piece, if the chargeable weight of a single piece is no less than 60kg or unilateral length of a single shipment is larger than 1.6m, the large-size to-door delivery fee =10+ (chargeable weight of a single piece-60)*0.8, which is RMB 10 at minimum.

    Note 1: A single consignment refers to consignment with individual package which cannot be divided into several separated packing consignments;

    Note 2: The charges for different districts may be different, for details, please consult local service point or sales.