Pickup Authorization Shipment

  • Service Introduction

    If you need SF to bring related printed materials to door or hope to keep the receiver address confidential, you can choose the Pickup Authorization service. Then SF will pick up a shipment according to your requirement and deliver the shipment to your designated receiver.

    Note: Printed materials include but not limited to paper documents such as letter of entrustment, pickup proof, warehouse receipt, and delivery note.

  • Service Features

    √ Time saving
    √ Information confidentiality
    √ Easier control of shipment information

  • Service Coverage

    √  Chinese  Mainland and HMT districts;
    √ Pickup authorization requests received from overseas districts are not accepted in Chinese  Mainland (including HMT areas); Pickup authorization requests for shipments to be delivered to overseas districts are not accepted in Chinese  Mainland.

  • Charging Standard

    Charge according to the charging standard of the area in which the payer is located, and currency conversion is not required.

    √  The place of payment is Mainland China: RMB 20 per shipment;

    √  The place of payment is Hong Kong or Macau: HKD (MOP) 30 per shipment;

    √  The place of payment is Taiwan: TWD 100 per shipment