Delivery Upstairs

  • Service Introduction

    SF provides you with a large-piece door-to-door delivery service and a value-added service surcharge will be collected for "delivery upstairs" if the chargeable weight is 50 KG and more in the following situations:

    1. No lift or elevator available at the receiver's address

    2. Lifts or elevators are available at the receiver's address, but cannot meet the delivery requirements

    3. Delivery to the second floor and higher or the underground I and lower shall also been deemed as delivery upstairs

    Applicable products: Logistics Cargo Service, Small-size LTL

  • Service Standard

    1. Actual weight per piece <130KG;

    2. Length, width and height not longer than 2.5m, 1.5m and 1.5m respectively.

    Otherwise, SF may not be able to provide the delivery upstairs service.

  • Service Coverage

    Chinese  Mainland. 

  • Charging Rules

    Charge by shipment starting from weight per shipment at 50KG and higher; Minimum charge: RMB30/shipment:

     1. Weight per piece<60KG, RMB 0.3/KG;

     2. Weight per piece ≥60KG, RMB 0.8/KG;

    Note: For delivery to higher than the 8th floor, additional fee will be collected per shipment by RMB0.3/KG.