Reverse Logistics

  • Service Introduction

    Reverse logistics: Merchants entrust SF to pick up goods from designated addresses (such as consumer, store) and deliver the goods to the designated addresses (such as factory and warehouse). Reverse logistics include exclusive goods inspection service.

    Goods inspection: SF can inspect for the merchant whether the goods provided by the shipper customer is consistent with the inspection list. If they are consistent, SF picks up the goods normally; if not, SF feeds back the inspection failure message to the merchant. Currently, the inspection service charge is mainly the return service charge or the replacement service charge.

  • Service Features

    √ It satisfies e-commerce customers' demands on return and replacement of goods.
    √ It provides a customized and exclusive service.

  • Service Coverage

    Mutual shipping within Chinese  Mainland

  • Charging Standard

    √ Goods inspection: Inspection service charge (RMB 5 per shipment)+Freight charge ;

    √ Goods inspection not required: Freight charge

  • Notice for Use

    √ Credit account customers;
    √ The customer's system shall be integrated with SF's customer service platform.