SF Rush

  • Service Introduction

    It is an all-scenario intra-city logistics delivery service targeted at all customers. Shipments will be delivered as fast as 30 minutes (including door-to-door service).  Shipments will be picked up and delivered directly by a dedicated person to create SF's timeliness logistics product and provide customers with instant delivery within the whole city.

  • Delivery Timeliness

    Average transit time within 3 kilometers: 30 minutes; Average transit time within 5 kilometers: 60 minutes.  In case of severe weather and peak seasons, the transit time for delivery may be adjusted temporarily. For details, please consult SF Rush customer service hotline 9533868.

  • Service Coverage

    SF Rush service is available in core cities of Chinese Mainland. The service coverage is expanding. For details, please contact SF Rush customer service hotline.

  • Place Order

    Search and follow " SF Rush " on WeChat, click "Quick order placement" to place an order, or search " SF Rush " mini App on WeChat to place an order. Merchants can download the " SF Rush " App, register and place orders.

  • Service Pricing

    The service pricing may be different for different cities. If there are numerous orders, credit account is available. For details, please consult SF Intra-city customer service hotline.

  • Service Time

    All-year-around SF Rush is available. The timeliness is different for different cities. Premium will be charged for festivals and holidays, severe weather, peak seasons and special periods. For details, please consult SF Intra-city CSR hotline.

  • Service Guarantee

    If the goods are damaged or lost, once the damage and loss is verified, make compensation based on the agreement, which shall be no higher than the actual sales value of the goods; If SPP service is selected during order placement, the customer shall pay the SPP service fees based on the SPP rates besides the freight charges. If the goods are lost due to the carrier’s reason, SF shall compensate the customer based on the actual loss within the SPP limit.