EC Ship

  • Service Introduction

    EC-Ship offers exclusive express services to traders from the HMT region for sending personal items to expand their online business in Chinese Mainland at a lower cost.

  • Payment Method

    Pay by monthly account or pay upon delivery, cash on delivery/collect on delivery/third-party payment.

  • Service Coverage

    Sending Express Parcels from the HMT region to the mainland China

  • Delivery Time

    6-9 days

  • Freight

    Click here to check the Rate Chart for Taiwan EC Ship
    • For Hong Kong and Macau:
    First kg: HKD48
    Rate per subsequent 0.5kg: HKD7
    *Fuel Surcharge is waived for this service

  • Parcel classification

    • Dimension: 200cm x 80cm x 70cm or below
    • Content Limitation: Only personal postal articles under the China Customs Regulations is accepted (e.g. Clothing, handbags, watches)
    • Others: For Shipment standard specifications, quantity, and declared value for customs, please click here 

    (Hong Kong and Macau) or here (Taiwan) for inquiries.

  • Notice for Use

    For required documents and others, please follow below for more details.
    • Required Documents
    (1) The hardcopy of your national identity card;
    (2) Provide an invoice, proof of purchase, or screenshot of online purchase and then hand in to S.F Express couriers.;
    (3) For above required documents, please upload them to S.F. Express Official WeChat Account or click here 

    to avoid delays in customs clearance。
    • Others
    (1) Regardless of the same address, each national identity card of the recipient can receive 1 shipment only.