Heavy Freight Express

  • Service Introduction

    A wide-coverage and highly cost-competitive air express product with stable transit time to meet your demand on delivering heavy goods above 20KG.

    If the customer has selected Heavy Freight Express, he/she shall select SPP service and pay for the premium, which is RMB10/shipment at minimum. If the declared value is higher than RMB 2000, the premium = declared value * standard service rate, rounded off to integral.

  • Committed Time of Delivery

    Specified service coverage and pickup and delivery in specified time, based on the pickup time and administrative regions of the pickup/delivery regions, 2-3 days door-to-door service provided.

  • Service Coverage

    Chinese Mainland. For details, please dial 9533888 or contact local couriers.

  • Service Features

    √ The service features self-owned aviation resources and stable transit time;
    √ Customized door-to-door pickup and delivery service is available;
    √ Customized services and quotations are supported;
    √ Packaging and handling are strictly regulated to ensure shipment safety;
    √ Value-added services such as Delivery Upstairs,  Custody of Goods, COD, SPP, Return Proof of Delivery and Pickup Authorization are available. 

  • Service Time

    The service is an all-year-round service.