SF Next Morning Delivery

  • Service Introduction

    SF provides a leading service in which your shipments sent today will be received in the next morning. 

  • Committed Time of Delivery

    Shipments picked up within the designated service coverage and time will be delivered to receivers by 12:00(Residential area 18:00)on the next day as promised.

  • Service Features

    √ The service is relatively efficient and precise in time, in which shipments are delivered within the same day.
    √ The customer can apply for freight deduction/waiver in case of any delivery delay.
    √ All value-added services of SF are supported.

  • Service Coverage

    The service is available in major cities in Chinese  Mainland and Chinese Hongkong. For details ,please contact us via SF customer service hotline at 95338, local couriers.

  • Service Time

    Pickup and delivery services are available from Monday to Friday and not available on Saturday, Sunday and statutory holidays.