Logistics Cargo Service(HM Regions)

  • Service Introduction

    It is an economic logistics service launched to meet your demands of shipping large-sized goods within Hong Kong and Macao regions and between Chinese Mainland and HM regions;

    Please note that SPP service is compulsory with this service and an additional fee would be occurred;

    From Chinese Mainland to Hong Kong and Macao regions: SPP fee = declared value * standard service rate (5‰), which is rounded off to integer at a minimum charge of RMB 8, subject to the charging standards published on SF official website.

  • Committed Time of Delivery

    Standard transit time: 2-6 days (Please dial 9533888 for route-specific transit time). 

  • Service Features

    √ Cost-effective;

    √ Ideal for shipping large-sized goods such as home appliances and more;

    √ Door-to-door service;

    √ Strictly follow packaging and handling standards to secure shipment safety; 

    √ Value-added services service options include Delivery Upstairs, Shipment Storage Service, COD, SPP, Return Proof of Delivery and Pickup Authorization Shipment .

  • Service Coverage

    Shipments from Chinese Mainland to Hong Kong and Macao regions, from Hong Kong and Macao regions to Chinese Mainland, and between Hong Kong and Macao.

    For details, please click here for SF online customer service, or contact SF's customer service hotline at 95338, or consult your local couriers.

  • Service Time

    The service is an all-year-round service.