FTL Direct Delivery

The FTL Direct Delivery is a customized product to meet customers’ demands on transporting goods loaded by one or more trucks.

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product Advantages
Direct delivery

 Direct delivery of shipments can be achieved by point to point and point to multi-point means to avoid transit;


Customized quotations are available for customers even from counties, towns and townships;

Whole-process GPS monitoring is used for Kanban of dispatching;

Charging Standards

Customized pricing.


Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong areas.

Transit Time

Routes are planned based on customer demands and commitment is made based on the operation duration of the routes.

Value-added Service

SPP, packaging, Return Proof of Delivery and so on are available.

Notice for Use

If the customer has selected FTL Direct Delivery service, he/she shall select SPP service and pay the SPP fee, which is RMB30/shipment at minimum. If the declared value is higher than RMB 6,000, the SPP fee = declared value * standard service rate, rounded off to integral.

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