Express Standard Arrived

The service provides whole process of high-quality pickup and delivery service for single large-size shipment weighing 20-100KG. Quotation is offered by initial weight and additional weight, in which the pickup and delivery freight charges are included to satisfy dispatching demands of scenarios of B2B e-commerce large size package and allocation between B2B stores.

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product Advantages
Clear and transparent quotation

Segmentation of initial weight and additional weight, mode of express quotation

Competitive transit time

SF manages and controls the transportation resources in the whole process and commits on the transit time to provide logistics services more quickly and stably

Wide service coverage

Over 300 cities in Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao

Customized and professional value-added services

Personal customer: Provide upstairs delivery for large-size parcels, installation after delivery

Enterprise customer: Provide appointed warehouse-in, wooden cases, pallets and so on for large-size shipments

Charging Standards

Initial weight + additional weight (The price may differ for different routes and distances); If SPP is selected, the service and security is guaranteed. Click the service coverage for query


Over 300 cities in Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao areas

Committed transit time

The shipment can be picked up and delivered within specified service coverage and time. Base on the shipping time and the administrative areas of the shipping/receiving places, the specific shipment delivery time can be queried. The shipment can be delivered by 12:00 for intra-province and economic circle devilry

Value-added Service

Value-added services such as normal SPP, packaging, COD and Upstairs Delivery can be selected

SPP Notices

To guarantee your rights, if Express Standard Arrived is selected, SPP service shall be selected and SPP fee shall be paid. The charging shall be subject to the range of weight. The minimum SPP fee is RMB 2/shipment. For details, the charging standards published on the official website (link) shall prevail

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Service hour:24 hours from Monday to Friday

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Service hour:24 hours

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