Large-size LTL

Targeted at goods over 500KG of large batch and plans for appointed delivery, door-to-door logistics services with service guarantee are available

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product Advantages

Diversified quotation, customized services and operation of multiple modes;

Visible routes of the whole process, real-time alert,Special treatment of exception, prioritized guarantee.

Follow-up by dedicated person, whole-process guarantee.

Charging Standards

Pricing mode of unit price and charging weight  is adopted, providing door-to-door SPP service for customers


Mutual delivery within Chinese Mainland, for details, please consult online customer service, 95338 or local couriers.

Transit Time

Reference transit time: According to the time of shipping and administrative location of the origin/destination, customers may track the exact time of shipment delivery (for transit time of specific route, please consult 95338 for details).

Value-added Service

SPP, packaging, Return Proof of Delivery and so on are available.

If the customer has selected Large-size LTL, he/she shall select SPP service and pay the SPP fee, which is RMB24/shipment at minimum. If the declared value is higher than RMB 4,000, the SPP fee = declared value * standard service rate, rounded off to integral. 

Customer service hotline:95338

Service hour:24 hours from Monday to Friday.

Online service :Click to contact

Service hour:24 hours

Contact your local courier or sales manager.