SF Rush

It is an all-scenario intra-city instant delivery service available for all customers. Your shipment will be picked up and delivered point-to-point by a dedicated courier instantly within the city. 

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Service features

Customized services

Diversified value-added services are provided to fulfill demands in different scenarios

Full Traceability
Open and intelligent network is realized by technology energization

Point-to-point instant delivery

Integration of multiple transport capacities enables direct delivery upon pickup without transit

Pricing and surcharges

The service pricing may be varied by different cities.
Credit account is available for customers with high shipping needs. For details, please contact SF Rush customer service.

Service coverage

Service avaiable in over 500 countries in Mainland, China, and continue expanding

Standard transit time

30mins for distance within 3km
60mins for distance within 5km
transit time may vary due to weather and peak hours.

Service hours

Upstairs delivery of large size shipment, SPP, packaging, COD and so on are available.

Service gurantees

All shipments will be covered for the consignment‘s actual selling value for any damages, lost and stolen during the service; Alternative, you could choose to have an additional cover with insurance VAS.

Learn more
Customer service hotline9533868

Service hours: 8:00-21:00

Online CSR
Contact your local courier and sales manager for details