SF E-Parcel

It is a high-quality package service customized for cross-border B2C e-commerce sellers for shipments below 2KG.

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product Advantages

High performance cost:Higher performance cost compared with Parcel service of the same type in the market.

Highly efficient pickup and traceable route: Pickup in 1 hour for non-remote areas in Chinese Mainland all-year-round. The route can be tracked online in the whole process for registered mail on the official website on the same day the shipment is sent; For ordinary mail, detailed routes till shipment inbound can be provided.

 Products with batteries can be sent: In-built lithiumion battery that meets the standards of Aviation Transportation Safety Standards can be sent.

Charging Standards

The international service standards vary with the origin and destination, for details, please see SF International's official website.


Over 220 countries and regions in the world

Transit Time

Reference transit time:
The reference transit time of international services varies with the origin and destination. For details, please see the Rates & Transit Time page on the official website.

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Customer service hotline:95338

Service hour:24 hours from Monday to Friday.

Online service:Click to contact

Service hour:24 hours

Contact your local courier or sales manager.