International Heavy Freight

SF International Heavy Freight is tailored for customers with demand on heavy weight shipments to overseas countries. It is cost- effective with stable transit time.

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product Advantages

Competitive price, close to the market


Provide customized services based on customers' needs

 Multimodal transport

Wide coverage of service points, timely pickup, diversified services, continuous transportation of multiple models during the whole process of transportation are provided

Charging Standards

Case by case (shipment)


55 countries all over the world, covering Europe and America, Southeast Asia and Africa.

From Japan to Chinese Mainland.

Transit Time

Reference transit time:
Customized services, for details, please consult sales or dial 9533883.

Singapore/Malaysia/Japan/South Korea: Pickup and delivery services are available from Monday to Saturday.

Value-added Service

Shipment Protection Plus (SPP), Direct Signature Service (DSS) and Packaging services.

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Customer service hotline:95338

Service hours: Monday to Sunday 08:00-21:00

Online service:Click to contact

Service hour:24 hours

Contact your local courier or sales manager.