Pharmaceutical Warehousing

  • About the Service

    Pharmaceutical Warehousing provides integrated pharmaceutical warehousing services including cold storage and circulation of medicines, bulk pharmaceutical chemicals, and medical equipment.

  • Service Features

    √ Based on the service coverage of pharmaceutical warehouses and pharmaceutical distribution hubs, pharmaceutical main line distribution can cover all over the the country.

    √ Provides customized warehousing services including professional storage, drug safety code collection and document return.

    √ Provides one-stop services that integrate warehousing and distribution.

    √ upports storage in multi-temperature zones.

    √ 24H temperature and humidity monitoring, with process traceable.

  • Service Pricing

    The prices are based on the specific service requirements of customers. Major chargeable items include warehousing-out, warehousing-in, storage, sorting, and packaging.

    Note: For details, please consult local branch or 9533898.

  • Service Coverage

    The service is now available in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, and Nanjing, with the total area of about 70,000 square meters.

    The service coverage will be updated later according to the actual situation.

  • Notice for Use

    Customer type: Only for credit account customers, and the Pharmaceutical Warehousing Service Agreement shall be signed.


    Storage contents:

    √  Storable categories: Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostic reagents, etc.

    √  Prohibited categories: Drugs under special management (toxic drugs, narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs (first class), psychotropic drugs (second class), and radioactive drugs, and drugs that are banned by national drug regulations.


    Customer qualification requirement: According to the consignment contents, customers are required to provide the corresponding qualification. For details, please consult local branch or call 9533898.


    Storage temperature zone: refrigerated (2-8°C), frozen (≤-18°C), chilled (2-20°C), and normal temperature (2-30°C).


    Storage humidity: Humidity (35%-75%).

  • Value-added Services

    Use of Thermometer, Drug Safety Code Collection