Precise Temperature-controlled LTL

  • Service Introduction

    To satisfy customers' demands on large-quantity small-batch delivery of biopharmaceuticals and vaccines, SF provides a less-than-truckload (LTL) logistics service that features a guaranteed 2-8℃ temperature range by technological and management means including consolidation or distribution, and multi-product loading based on the property, temperature and humidity requirements of pharmaceuticals.

  • Service Features

    Precise temperature control: 2-8℃, whole-process traceability;

    Shuttle operation: Vehicles departure and arrive at a fixed time daily;

    Stable transit time: Vehicles depart at a fixed time to ensure stable transportation time;

    GSP verified vehicles: All temperature-controlled drug transportation vehicles have passed the GSP verification. 

  • Service Rate

    Charging rules: Freight + Pickup service charges + Delivery service charges

    Freight: Weight * Price per kilogram (by flow directions) ,minimum charge of RMB 220/shipment (not required for intra-city delivery)

    Pickup service charges: Free in 217 cities; customized quotations in other cities.

    Delivery service charges: RMB 500/shipment in 22 cities; RMB 900/shipment in 195 cities; customized quotations and services are available in other cities.

    For details, consult local couriers or call 9533898.


  • Service Coverage

    Chinese  Mainland

  • Transit Time

    2-7 days

  • Notice for Use

    Application scope: Large-quantity small-batch delivery of biopharmaceuticals and vaccines

    Customer qualification requirements: Vary with the content of the entrusted shipment. For details, consult local branches or call 9533898;

    Temperature range during transportation: Refrigerated storage: 2℃- 8℃.


  • Value-added Services

    Shipment Protection Plus (SPP), Return Proof of Delivery, Customized Packaging, and COD (Cash on Delivery).