Precise Temperature-controlled Delivery

  • About the Service

    To meet your demand for small-quantity multi-batch delivery of biopharmaceuticals, IVDs, and DTP new and special medicines, SF provides customers with pharmaceutical cold chain logistics services with 2-8℃ precise temperature zone by dedicated pharmaceutical containers and pharmaceutical cold storage vans.

  • Service Features

    Precise temperature control: 2-8℃, whole-process traceability;

    Professional package: Medical coolers;

    Minimum delivery quantity of 1: Meet requirements for small-quantity multi-batch delivery.

  • Service Coverage

    217 cities (16 provinces, 4 municipalities, and 5 provincial capitals)

  • Transit Time

    2-7 days

  • Service Rate

    Charging rules: Benchmark freight * Freight coefficient

    Benchmark freight: Charged by piece and vary with flow directions; RMB 240/shipment for the first piece

    Freight coefficient:
    If Single-piece weight ≤ 10kg, Single-piece Volume ≤ 0.048m³, then Freight coefficient = 1;
    If 10kg < Single-piece weight ≤ 20kg, 0.048m³ < Single-piece Volume ≤ 0.096m³, then Freight coefficient = 1 * 1.5 = 1.5;
    If 20kg < Single-piece weight ≤ 30kg, 0.096m³ < Single-piece Volume ≤ 0.144m³, then Freight coefficient = 1.5 * 1.5 = 2.25;
    and so on.

  • Notice for Use

    Type of customers: Credit account customers;

    Application scope: Small-quantity multi-batch delivery of biopharmaceuticals, IVDs, and DTP new and special medicines;

    Customer qualification requirements: Vary with the content of the entrusted shipment. For details, consult local branches or call 9533898;

    Temperature range during transportation: Refrigerated storage: 2℃- 8℃.

  • Value-added Services

    Shipment Protection Plus (SPP), Return Proof of Delivery, Customized Packaging, COD (Cash on Delivery).